Life Reboot check-in

Check in time! The life reboot is still on-going, and I think I've done pretty well this month. Exercise consistently - 5/5 I kept to my schedule of working out four days a week, and since the semester started, I've been walking with a friend after classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays on top of going … Continue reading Life Reboot check-in


Life Reboot

Time for me to dust off this blog and see if I can't get back into the habit of posting more. I'd say I can't believe it's been almost a year since my last post, but I totally can. It's been a busy year, mostly because I'm back in grad school, which means I have … Continue reading Life Reboot

An attempt at cake

I ran across this recipe for peanut butter and chocolate flourless skillet cake¬†somewhere during my perusing of the vast internet, and since it looked really good, I bookmarked it for later. "Later" finally happened today because I was craving something sweet, rich, and chocolatey, and while the recipe itself was pretty quick and easy, the … Continue reading An attempt at cake

Day 24

Today was the first day back after Spring Break, which meant a larger than usual number of "I can't make it to class today" emails and lack of preparation for peer review.   There was the expected grumbling about project 1 grades, but I pointed out that they have two projects and a portfolio to … Continue reading Day 24

Days 21-23

I don't have much to say about this past week because we had in-class conferences again, so it was pretty similar to the last round of conferences, only with lower attendance and shorter drafts. I attribute this to a) it being the week before Spring Break and b) the assignment being an academic essay. The … Continue reading Days 21-23

Days 17-20

I didn't intend to get this far behind on posting, but I was afraid it would happen once I started grading projects. Oh, well! Hours in the day and all that. On day 17, I started off by letting them convene in their fandom groups to discuss their notes and decide how they were going … Continue reading Days 17-20

Day 16

Campus wasn't totally clear of ice today, and I had a couple of near misses, but I managed to stay upright as I toddled around to my office and classroom. We started talking about rhetorical analysis, and I began by pointing out that they already practiced with the foundation: purpose, audience, and genre. We're going … Continue reading Day 16

Day 15

Library day! Yesterday was a low key day for me because I scheduled an orientation session at the library because projects 2 and 3 will require the students to use sources. They need to learn how to use the databases and find scholarly journal articles, and I figure this is a good way to introduce … Continue reading Day 15